St Michael, c.1476, by Carlo Crivelli; the archangel is shown crushing Satan, with his symbolic attributes of a weapon, armour and the weighing scales used at the Last Judgement.

makehasteslowly: “ Carlo Crivelli Saint Michael 1476 Tempera on panel The National Gallery, London ”

The Archangel Michael vanquishing Luzifer - Hubert Gerhard, 1588. eastern façade of St. Michael’s Church, Munich.

statuemania: “ The Archangel Michael vanquishing Luzifer by Hubert Gerhard, eastern façade of St. Michael’s Church, Munich.

Barthelemy Joseph Fulcran Roger - San Miguel

St Michael triumphing over the dragon After Maerten de Vos Published by Joan Baptista Vrints Engraving 1585

Mont St. Michel ~ Normandie _____________________________ France ~ Francia ~ Frankrijk

Mont Saint-Michel - Artist: piece by renown poster artist Fix-Masseau. Located off the northwestern coast of France, the Gothic style Benedictine Abbey dedicated to the archangel St Michael is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and a major tourist destination.

St Michael, O Holy Archangels and Angels  St Michael Lutheran Church, Va Beach. How they truly love their Lord celebrating their patron w such vigor. God bless you!

30 Day Orthodox Challenge Day 18 – Your favorite Archangel For many personal reasons, I have to say Holy Archangel Michael. However, the other Archangels -especially St. Selaphiel- are also very close to my heart. O Holy.