Spartan women were totally badass! If you don't like vulgar language I wouldn't read the whole post :/

Spartan women

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Queen Gorgo for International Women's Day

In contrast to the other women of Greece, Spartan women were treated reasonably well, and enjoyed a much greater level of freedom than their peers could ever expect.

As Spartan women bade farewell to their male loved ones going off to battle, they would say "return with your shield, or on it."

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Princess Chelidonis & Archidamia of Sparta- Princess Archidamia entered the senate "with a sword in her hand" and told them that they were all going to die unless Sparta's women took to the battlefield. She also served as captain to the Spartan women and put Spartan children to work, because this was Sparta, after all. As for Princess Chelidonis, she paced her bedroom with a noose tied around her neck so that her estranged husband would never take her alive.

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Jean Jacques François Lebarbier (French, A Spartan Woman Giving a Shield to Her Son , oil on panel, Portland Art Museum

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Warrior Woman  by *RileyStark

Women in ancient Sparta were famous for their independence relative to that of other Greek women. In contrast to Athens, in Spartan society girls were reared much like boys, including physical fitness

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Spartan Royalty: The Costumes of Queen Gorgo

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Learn About The Grecian Style Of Dressing

Learn About The Grecian Style Of Dressing

Most Spartan women eschewed jewellery, except for princesses from the two Royal houses (Sparta had two kings). This one is a princess from the Eurypontid House.

Funky Goddess Photography

mod-e-boteh: “ Greece Fashion Week: Some photos from the ‘Olympia’ photo series which was inspired by goddesses in Ancient Greek mythology. Photographer - Paco Peregrin Source: (X) ”


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