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Not your ordinary pop top bracelet! This darling soda tab bracelet in Pinwheel Bright print - pink, purple, yellow and green - was lovingly made from post-consumer recycled soda can pull tabs that were carefully cleaned and sharp edges rounded. The tabs were then finished by crocheting them together with this wonderful crochet thread to make a cute tie-on bracelet that makes me think of pinwheels blowing in a spring breeze!   Here's a great way to show off your fashion sense AND eco sense…

ReCycladelic Upcycled Pop Top Bracelet Pinwheel Bright in Pink Purple Yellow and Green Soda Can Pop Tab Tie On

There is no doubt about it that recycling is a noble cause. Show the world that recycling is cool with this environmentally friendly craft. This neat bracelet recycles the tab from the tops of soda ca

- This fashionable necklace is totally wearable and deceptively simple and quick to create. - Just beads and our custom-designed mesh tube, no additional tools required.

Paper and Twine Crafty Design, LLC: How to Make a Pop Tab Bracelet

Paper and Twine Crafty Design, LLC: How to Make a Pop Tab Bracelet. How to make felt buttons, DIY tutorial !