Smie, the sock sloth. Free pattern

Sock Sloth Plushie - Free Sewing Pattern

Sew cute & sluggish looking sock sloth, Smie. It is long sewn from chenille socks, with 3 claws on each limb, big groggy eyes & a sweet smile.

Sock Monkey! DIY sewing project, gift ideas | Find fun fabrics for your next project

Sock Monkey -Free Sewing Pattern

A tutorial on how to make a sock monkey! This is so cute. I like it much better then the traditional sock monkey. If I could sew I would so find some cute socks and make this :-)

sew sock monkey step by step

Sock Monkey -Free Sewing Pattern

40 Fun and Cozy Sock Monkeys to Make

40 Fun and Cozy Sock Monkeys to Make

DIY Sock Monkey This work of art, ridiculous sock toy has been a most loved of youngsters and grown-ups for quite a long time. To make your very own sock monkey

sock monkey pattern | ... on

This week I made a sock monkey for an amazing cause - The Great Sock Monkey Challenge . The goal is to deliver a sock monkey to every Ne.