Make your own smudge stick - also includes list of herbs that can be used and their meaning

Smudging a room or space Light the smudge stick and walk about the perimeter, giving special attention to the corners and the places behind doors. You can also fan the smoke throughout the room with a large feather.

Infuse some floral goodness into your home this summer with these gorgeous smudge sticks!

Sage, Lavendar, Rose: How To Make A Smudge Stick This Gorgeous

Herb cleansing wand making // Infuse some floral goodness into your home this summer with these gorgeous smudge sticks!

Walk out a the front or back door, close it, and smudge around the door and door frame. Leave the bundle (safely) outside to burn itself out, and then bury it in your back yard.  9. Stay outside for a short while. Let the energies of the house reboot themselves and work. After about 5 minutes go back into the house and that is it done

wiccateachings: “ Tomorrow is a New Moon, this is the perfect time to do a smudge of yourself and your home. If you feel heavy with negative energy or if you have unwanted entities in your home, smudging will expel them.

#Goodies #HallmarkChannel sage and floral smudge sticks would be found in the shop.

Today’s a New Moon in Virgo and of course, the Virgo energies have me ready to work, organize, and spread the LOVE. This Virgo New Moon asks us to go within, peel back the layers of our past …

Healing sacred sage smudge stick with roses by TheSageGoddess, $16.00

Large healing sacred sage smudge stick with roses, lavender, rosemary wrapped in sparkled floss with lots of love

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We Love our AQUARIAN SOUL Smudge Wands. Energy Clearing done Pretty.

Once upon a time, there were only three kinds of smudge sticks in most witchy shops: Small, medium, and large.  These days, you can choose from a vast array of

Sage advice: An illustrated guide to smudging herbs

What's your favorite combinations of smudge sticks? We mostly use Cali white Sage but are experimenting with different local herbs plants and leaves coming up with some new cleansing and energy clearing recipes/tools. Love to hear any feedback!

Make Your Own Homegrown Smudge Sticks

Home Grown Smudge Sticks

Gifts from the Garden: Homegrown Smudge Sticks - You Grow Girl

DIY tutorial on how to make your own sage bundles at home, great for all spells, rituals and magic!

DIY smudge sticks, photo-tutorial

Sage smudge sticks. Burning sage purifies the home and moves out old energy.

5 Steps To Smudge Your House and Clear Bad Energy

SMUDGES.. MY Opalraines Production. (words from Grimoire of the Green Witch.)

Except smudging is a religious practice used explicitly by First Nations/Native American peoples, so we will use this for smoke cleansing.

DIY Smudge Sticks

“Smudging” is a powerful cleansing ritual used by many native traditions around the world. Learn how to make your own smudging sticks and how to use it.

DIY Herbal Home Smudge Stick i need to do this for the new home so i can clear out negative energy

DIY Herbal Home: 12 Fresh-Smelling Recipes & Projects

DIY Autumn Smudge Sticks

DIY // autumn smudge sticks

DIY Autumn Smudge Sticks - learn how to make your own bohemian air fresheners with dried flowers like: Lavender, Purple Sage & Sweetgrass.

Smudging prayer, this is actually part of emotional release                                                                                                                                                     More

Smudging prayer, this works great for emotional release! Be Blessed, Cherokee Billie Spiritual Advisor