A Cat Story, thing are not always as scary as they seem and sometimes it takes a friend to realize that.

Foto del viernes: Cómic gatuno

Srta-Pepis : Photo

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Don't miss!! for all cat lovers! "Hoshi & Luna" the naughty cats will bring big smiles to you and your friend.

for all cat lovers! "Hoshi & Luna" the naughty cats will bring big smiles to you and your friend.

cat poem    Cheryl Ponce via Cat C onto Cats in Art, Photography and what not

"Learning to draw" by moussee on DeviantArt [aka Maija Laaksonen]

A Certain Cat's Idea | oil and tempera painting, 2004 | Tokuhiro Kawai

Cats with Crowns: Three Paintings by Tokuhiro Kawai

~ A certain cat's idea ~ artist Tokuhiro Kawai ~ oil and tempera painting ~ 2004 ~

Soul mates! I wish I could find mine this easily!

Love Cool how them together makes a shape of a Heart. These kitties are so cute, & how the form a heart in the picture is just. I LOVE this pic!

Cat and capybara snuggle up

Capybaras are just neat.

Thought everyone would love this. A capybara loving his kitty. The capybara is the largest rodent in the world, whose closest relatives in the animal kingdom are guinea pigs.Sheila A.

Sigue hablándome que te escucho <3

To us, every animal is family, and if you live in BC, chances are you’ve seen our adorable Sea Otter critters in commercials. After a few of our team members read about the poor orphaned Sea Otter…

Watch dog

Now, here is a blended family! Cat and dog siblings watch out for each other. After this cat’s husband went to war, her dog brother took the place of the father cat and watches out for both the mother and her kittens.