Bell, the slow loris

© Sham Jolimie Slow lorises are victims of the illegal pet trade, superstition and sadly of their own cuteness. Their sharp teeth are removed before they are sold. Their body parts are used in traditional medicine.

PYGMY SLOW high in the trees in tropical rainforests in Southeast Asia and western Indonesia....measure 7 to 15 inches long and weigh 9 ounces to 2.9 pounds....can hang from the branch (attached by its feet) for hours.....the only known "poisonous" primate...sleep rolled up in a ball with their head between their legs....the whole Slow Loris family is critically endangered

Pygmy Slow Loris - east of the Mekong River in Vietnam, Laos, eastern Cambodia, and China

slow loris... (adorable animal that should not, NOT be kept as a pet..the capture and sale of these animals is inhumane)

Sadly the Slow Loris is becoming quite rare in the wild due to it being traded as a pet. These beautiful nocturnal creatures are not suitable pets, please let them be free.

Cute animals that could kill you- Don’t let their look fool you!

Although Slow Loris are popular in the illegal pet trade, not everyone is aware of the poison they keep in the sides of their elbows. When threatened, they release it which can lead to a death by anaphylactic shock.