Sloppy seconds (секс с женщиной, у которой был недавно секс с другим партнером и его сперма используется как смазка)

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If he's with you, it's cause I let his ass go. You can do all the dirty work, I'll just sit back and enjoy *besitos*

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Iv heard it all. But your sooooo special hahah don't worry princess it will all crash down on you

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Keep my sloppy seconds, or is that a problem for you whores ?

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:) Who knew someone in this world could be so stupid to believe such a liar. But as my husband says, "it's not a lie if someone is so delusional as to believe their own bullshit." Jimmy's very insightful.

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You're like the evil queen. (Wicked stepmother)

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Get over yourself sweetheart , you're not that special! You're nothing but sloppy seconds and now has skeletons in her closet. I can sleep at night. I didn't do anything wrong.

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Who said I still want him? Why would he stay for 25 years if it wasn't love!And btw everything you just said to....ditto!!! Dumbass do you hear yourself as you pointed out he's a liar

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She must love my sloppy seconds...dirty skank

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Hahaha exactly right you can have my sloppy seconds bitch... Well they ain't sloppy, in don't look for a relationship w every guy I meet

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You always read about living your life and taking risks. This reflects what can and does happen. Life is a balancing act that is difficult to maintain.

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