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Sloppy Seconds (секс С Женщиной, У Которой Был Недавно Секс С Другим Партнером И Его Сперма Используется Как Смазка)

Who said I still want him? Why would he stay for 25 years if it wasn't love!And btw everything you just said to....ditto!!! Dumbass do you hear yourself as you pointed out he's a liar

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:) Who knew someone in this world could be so stupid to believe such a liar. But as my husband says, "it's not a lie if someone is so delusional as to believe their own bullshit." Jimmy's very insightful.

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Community Post: 14 Brilliant Quotes To Get You Through Your Next Breakup.

Oh, you're dating my ex? Cool, I'm eating a sandwich...want those leftovers too? More

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57 Reasons Why Guys Are Scared Of Pinterest

Exactly :) live with what you help create :)

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@daily_quotesca Hello.Instagram photo

If he's with you, it's cause I let his ass go. You can do all the dirty work, I'll just sit back and enjoy *besitos*

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Iv heard it all. But your sooooo special hahah don't worry princess it will all crash down on you

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Get over yourself sweetheart , you're not that special! You're nothing but sloppy seconds and now has skeletons in her closet. I can sleep at night. I didn't do anything wrong.

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Dont feel special, apparently my ex ***** everyone.....just a question ... how many guys has their been since you were with my husband? and how many years have passed by now since my husband and I have been together .. do the math .. he's not the problem.

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Sloppy Seconds - Watsky

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You wanted my sloppy seconds so bad that you ruined our friendship. But that's ok your fake and he sucks in bed. But I am completely happy and loved.

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