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I chose this design because because it has the third element of my imagined design which is the skull with the roses surrounding it.

Ilustraciones dibujadas mano impresionante                              …

Tony Graystone aka Sneaky Studios, is an artist from New Zeland with an incredible talent for hand drawn illustrations.

Famous Skulls (personally not a fan of skulls...kinda dark for my taste but this is a really intriguing concept!)

Illustration inspiration

Super cool. I mean I wouldn't want a skull cupcake on me but it looks awesome

12 Watercolor Skull Tattoo Designs

Sugar Kills cupcake by Phil Garcia, Inkphiller Tattoos in Port Hueneme, California

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"It's mine, MINE I tell you!" A tattoo design I did for no one in particular. EDIT: Wow, I had no idea this . A dragon and his skull