I like the last four skateboards. Very cool impact boards! Marvel. All the way. I like the bold text!

Plan B Skateboards by SoupGraphix Inc.I like the top left, the most.but a cool series for comic strip fans!

Heather Brown Original Painting on Bamboo Skateboard

Heather Brown, Hawaii Artist - Original Painting on Bamboo Skateboard *NO RES

Greed plus the three monkeys routine equals a statement on the negatives of capitalism. The money is placed in the ears, eyes or mouth of each monkey representing their silence bought as they stare on looking half asleep. Pretty basic with the cartoon style.

Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil. instead of using its hands, the monkey is using money. His facial expressions look indifferent, as if his money solves all of his problems and he doesn't really care about much else.

Keith Haring skateboard - skate deck

While this design doesn't use color, the contouring design lines create a very interesting composition. The contrast is very high and patterning appears in both the positive and negative space.