Perfect tattoo and perfect placement - horse shoe

I seriously don't understand unoriginal tattoos like this! Too trashy! Just buy a necklace. I never wanna be that mom with tats everywhere while I'm at the pool with my kids!

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Oxford Shoes Summer

Dr Martens 1460 boot Aka Mermaid Boots - funky coloured boots to mix it up from…

Horse shoe tattoo. I want it smaller and with 3 feathers because my chiefs reg name is "Chief Three Feathers"

15 Simple & Traditional Horse Tattoo Designs With Meanings

traditional style horse shoe tattoo

The popular lucky charms as a tattoo. The horseshoe is a lucky charm both in general and in the tattoo, and also very popular.

When it comes to tattoos, it’s important to think before you ink.  And while there seems to be an ever-growing trend in tattoos–we all know at least one person that has one–we’ve also been noticing a trend in tiny, delicate tattoos. They’re perfect for those little, yet sentimental meanings in life. Or for when you want …

Delicate Western Tattoos That Make Us Want To Ink