BBC Sherlock Holmes Cake by Alisa Seidling

Sherlock Holmes Series Birthday I have never seen the BBC series version of Sherlock Holmes. Making this birthday cake has me curious now,.

Sherlock cake - amazing. I WILL make this for when series 3 airs!! You know actually, I'll get someone to make it for me, I'll be too busy fangirling

So my recent obsession has been BBC Sherlock. My birthday was yesterday. And my aunt is a baker. My birthday cake!

I loved making this one as I’m a bit of a Sherlock addict! The cake is based on the BBC series of Sherlock. I tried to use several aspects of the episodes to decorate it. All decoration is handmade and edible.

I was so confused at first, wondering why it was referencing Amy when she's from Doctor Who and then I finally realized.

This unique, vintage Sherlock Holmes party is for a detective fan! See more party ideas at!

Sherlock Holmes / Birthday "Luis Eduardo's Baker Street 221B Party"

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