Sad Llama.

Shaved Alpaca - it gets funnier the longer you look at it. llamas/alpacas are sort of becoming our thing

Group of Shaved Llamas - Group of Shaved Llamas - Continue through the gallery to see more hilarious pics of Shaved Llamas!

Funny pictures about Just A Bunch Of Shaved Alpacas. Oh, and cool pics about Just A Bunch Of Shaved Alpacas. Also, Just A Bunch Of Shaved Alpacas photos.

I hope you take a look at this llama, you can tell its not happy with the haircut. Please be grateful you have a good looking haircut ! what ta llama !!

Great Communication Skills

Shorn. Think about this every time you wear a sweater...and giggle a bit...

here, have a shaved llama..

If you're feeling down, here's a picture of a shaved llama (or alpaca)

Oh no XD -- Alpaca | After being sheared... Looking a bit naked or like a character from a book by Dr. Seuss.

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THIS is where alpaca yarn comes from! Looks like he/she just had a haircut. I absolutely love to knit with alpaca! I've was told by Alpaca owners that the head isn't sheared, so they look funny after being sheared.

These alpacas are a heck of a squad.

Check out this awesome post: If you are feeling down, here is a group of shaved llamas

Why should you care about alpacas? Read this to find out. #alpaca #funfacts

Alpaca: The Green Sheep?

misunderstood emo alpaca :)

Misunderstood emo alpaca

Funny pictures about Misunderstood emo alpaca. Oh, and cool pics about Misunderstood emo alpaca. Also, Misunderstood emo alpaca photos.

They should NOT have shaved this llama! It would be soo cute unshaved!

They should NOT have shaved this llama!theyre not shorn to make them ugly, its because of heat reasons