shallow people value others depending on their appearances, and then question why they lack genuine people in their lives

All those that say " They are out of my league." Is love a competition based on physical attraction? No, Stay away from these people, they need to grow up and not be so self absorbed.

Shallow people see the reflection of their sinister and horrible selves, therefor they must resort to disparaging comments and lies to sully others.

it's so true! Shallow, empty, emotionally vacant people leave my life.there's no room for negativity here :-)

Link Love: ALL THE FOOD – Healthy Helper


Positive people will always see the positive, negative people will always look for (or fabricate) the negative. I only allow positive people in my bubble.

shallow minds can make deep connections; deep people can make shallow connections. That's because deep people find meaning in themselves, and shallow people find meaning in others.

Shallow people fool themselves into believing they are popular.

This place where you are right now, God circled on a map for you. So I say “Yes” to this wonderful journey. I say “Yes” to this life. And I say “Yes” to making myself available to all good things.