Don't study me, you won't graduate #scorpio #quotes

I have a few regularities, but on the whole I am a deeply complex person and even I don't know myself well enough.

BooYah You have been checked and found wanton. You are an immoral, delusional little boy. May God have mercy on your rotten soul.

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All About Scorpio, the most passionate, powerful and magnetic members of the zodiac.

Scorpio Facts

i'm a scorpio. ♏ No one really knows me and my temper only one person has see me over the edge, trust me, I'm down right evil when I'm pissed! If you wanna swim go ahead, run away when when I get to quiet for your comfort!

I will fight for love, but I will not compete for it. #scorpio

Scorpio as a Lover I will fight for love, but I will not compete for it.


Why tf should I ever apologize for speaking the truth? Y'all should be apologizing to me for not being brave enough to handle it

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This is true of my Scorpio moon and most Scorpios. However, I do know a Scorpio sun who has little clue about her intuition and can't read people as well because she refuses to see herself, so.

Scorpio Traits

keep this in mind, because I'm a Scorpio rising it's my emotion control center, no wonder why I'm hard to read. be careful. you drink the poison you choose.


Scorpio quote "Very true, just because I don't talk to you about it doesn't mean I don't know about it." They know, don't lie to your Scorpio or the games will begin and they are more ruthless than you and play only to win.