Scary Ghost Picture. A lot of ghost stories are kept quiet on the Island of Tenerife mainly because the locals do not believe in such things.

Quite a Gothic style creepy ghost story complete with an odd house, odd children, odd employer for Miss Eliza Caine, and things that go bump in the night.

19 Creepy Ghost Photos That Will Give You Goosebumps - Gallery

19 Creepy Ghost Photos That Will Give You Goosebumps

Real Ghost Photos: Ghost in Confederate Cemetery (upper right corner Confederate Soldier)

Scary ghost picture from Myrtles Plantation

Famous Ghost Pictures: Myrtles Plantation Myrtles Plantation Ghost Picture Back to Famous Ghost PicturesCould this be a real ghost picture of slave girl Chloe, whose ear was cut off by Myrtles Plantation manager Clark Woodruff?

Return of a Friend     This picture is definitely spooky. The photographer had a friend who had recently been killed. You can see a picture of that friend in the top right corner for comparison. Behind the photographers little girl appeared what looks strangely close to the face of the photographers frie

A youngster’s ghostly playmate has been caught on camera in a photograph taken on a mobile phone, a family claims. Real famous ghost picture In most cases spirit is content to remain vigilant yet all but undetectable.

Scary ghost pictures

This security camera footage of a woman taking notes in a North Carolina court startled the security guards at the time because no one was supposed to be in that court room. They raced to the room, but found it to be completely empty

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Real ghost stories and scary true tales to read on this website. These are the kind of stories that keep you up at night because they are based on true events

26 Staggering Scary Ghost Pictures

Fear is a wonderful feeling. something that attracts with a promise to provide thrilling suspense.

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