Thought I was just brought up that way, looks like I was created that way.

I absolutely hate crying in front of people firstly I look like an emotional wreck and secondly it makes me look weak. So if I am willing to cry and not try to stop crying I front of you consider yourself lucky.

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A Sagittarius female enjoys taking risks, both physical and intellectual. She likes a challenge and she needs a REAL man. This is so true! I have a real man!

i'll hold you in my orbit, you're  safe there and so am I

The people I trust the most don't even know most of my private life even though people say I'm an open book. Don't be fooled people.

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This is me. I don't want your pity. Understanding, yes. Pity, no.-- reminds me of that cute lion cub that is not simba, from lion king 2 for some reason