rocky horror picture show, riff raff and magenta getting real!!!!

rocky horror picture show. Frank'n'furter it's all over, your mission is a failure, your life styles too extreme

Gonna dress up as Magenta for Halloween one of these times //Fashion in Film: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Fashion in Film: The Rocky Horror Picture Show -

What do science fiction, cross-dressing aliens, and choreographed dancing all have in common? The makings of the 1975 cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, of course!

Tim Curry - "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". °

*Ignores hand *Dives in for bear hug instead *Picks up and carries home *Puts in awesome imaginary basement

Rocky Horror Picture Show. Soooooo doing this at the Halloween part @Rachel Jeffery @Tara Harmon Hannon Satterfield :)

Rocky Horror Picture Show. went to my first show last Halloween, it was so much fun and everyone did the time warp

Little Nell in the original Rocky Horror Picture Show stage production, 1973…

rose-tits-my-world: “ “Little Nell Campbell as Columbia in The Rocky Horror Show. London, (Photo by Joe Gaffney.