Know a budding scientist with a sweet tooth? It’s easy for you and your kids to grow a rainbow of homemade rock candy crystals — all you need is a little kitchen chemistry.

How to Make Rock Candy

How to make a beautiful Rock Candy Geode Cake Topper by Viki Kane
Top 5 Geode Rock candy tutorials. Includes links to all the edible geodes and rock candy tutorials at the website.
A geode Wedding cake - A 'Rock Candy' recipe | Sugared Rose
All you need is sugar, water, food coloring, and fondant (a type of icing) to make rock candy that looks exactly like an opened geode. - See more at:
How to make hard candy jewels or gems that you can use on wedding cakes, as party favors, on cupckes and more. | Chica and Jo
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Rock Candy this maybe some different colors for the baby shower
Geode cakes = rock candy deluxe

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