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Play it safe. Rough language, risky pictures -- even having an account under another name -- can hurt you and anyone else who's in those questionable photos with you. Once you've tidied up yours, ask your friends to take anything off their pages that makes you look iffy. After that, search for yourself on the web, and see what's there. You might not need to address it or be able to do anything about it, but it's better for you to know before the colleges do.

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There are three key technology rules when it comes to applying to college: If at all possible, use the college's online application, and ask their te.

Kitagawa Utamaro: Party of Three - Risky Picture - Artelino

Kitagawa Utamaro: Party of Three - Risky Picture - Artelino


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OMG I SO LOVE THIS! Wedding picture ideas - You can't see the Bride - pre-wedding pictures without breaking tradition.

cute idea!

13 Hilarious Wedding Pic Ideas You Should Steal

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after I do oh my...this picture is amazing.

GAH! Photos of Brides in Their Underwear Have Officially Gotten Out of Hand! (My Eyes Are BURNING!)

after "I do".Amazing shot for the bedroom. I hope my future husband likes this ; Cool for a bedside pic!