BURNED. A Chicago teenager is looking for fun at home while his parents are away, but the situation quickly gets out of hand. (1 Disc with 2 Movies: Cocktail)

The Big produced some tremendous comic fare at the box office, some of our all-time favorites. Here are my top 10 comedy films from that decade: The

Director Paul Brickman's "Risky Business" (1983).

30 Movies Turning 30

Risky Business is a 1983 Comedy, Romance film directed by Paul Brickman and starring Tom Cruise, Rebecca De Mornay.

DIY Risky Buisness Dress

The Costume-Less Halloween

Risky Business

21 Basic B*tch Halloween Costumes That Everyone is Tired of Seeing

TOM CRUISE IN "RISKY BUSINESS" Possibly the laziest lazy girl costume of them all — you technically don't even have to wear shoes. Grab his button-down, your old cheerleading shorts, a pair of white tube socks, and some Wayfarers, and slide right into the party in style.

7 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Super-Lazy People

RISKY BUSINESS: Slide into the Halloween party with style. You can create this costume with a white botton-down, shorts, white tube socks, Wayfarers, and some killer act-like-nobody's-watching dance moves.

"Just take those old records off the shelf"  Risky Business  "Princeton needs a guy like Joel"  Ha ha!  I learned so much from repeated viewings of this movie!

to this epic scene in Risky Business where Tom Cruise dances like no one is watching.

Cute groomsmen photo

La Jolla Wedding from Amorology + Irish Grzanich

Audrey Hepburn en pointe.  Girls, if you want someone to look up to and be like, choose Audrey Hepburn over a Kardashian.

Audrey Hepburn en pointe

audrey hepburn, my love, en pointe. this is one of the three ballet sequences with young audrey hepburn (age in the british film "the secret people" .