"Do I look like a killer to you?  Yes, you kill my patience".

Richard Castle: Do I look like a killer to you? Kate Beckett: Yes. You kill my patience. Castle TV show quotes

Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) - My kind of man--smart, funny, adorable and super nerdy!!!!!

Is This Thing On? Gallery 1988 Celebrates Comedians And Weird Al

Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion) - My dream man--smart, funny, adorable, super nerdy and let's not forget ruggedly handsome!

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Sometimes the hardest things in life are the things most worth doing. Its because we havent them out yet, doesnt mean we wont Richard Castle; Castle TV show

TV's best mystery writer-cum-detective, Richard Castle (played by Nathan Fillion on ABC's Castle) is back with the seventh novel in his Nikki Heat series.

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homicide detective Nikki Heat attempts to stop a killer while her fiancé, the journalist Jameson Rook, meddles in the case.