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17 Healthy Office Snacks

Corn cakes in stead of rice. ❝Rice cakes are many times perceived as a blah snooze. Just try different toppings, add your fave ingredients, let your imagination run wild, and create tons of delicious yet healthy rice cakes.

Rice Cakes 9 Ways | The Chic SiteThe Chic Site | Bloglovin’

Rice Cakes 9 Ways (The Chic SiteThe Chic Site)

Looking to change up your rice cake toppings? Here are nine new options for you to consider! Keep it healthier by using the Health Star Ratings for your packaged foods (such as the cream cheese, peanut butter and sliced meat

Friday lunch situation: Spicy tuna poke with mashed avocado and furikake on a crispy rice cake. I actually used to spend a lot of time making my own poke but now that I can get quality store-bought salmon or tuna poke at places like @wholefoods I can easily whip up this healthy snack anytime I want it (so basically... every damn day). by dad_beets

Friday lunch situation: Spicy tuna poke with mashed avocado and furikake on a crispy rice cake.

50 Healthy Lunches to Help You Lose Weight... I don't like tuna salad. So maybe try something else. Haha

Nosh on 50 Healthy Lunches That'll Help You Lose Weight

5 Rice Cake Snack + Meal Ideas Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, and Snacks | Healthy Kid-Friendy Recipes | Luci's Morsels :: LA Healthy Food Blogger

5 Healthy Rice Cake Snack Toppings

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A vegan + gluten free afternoon snack. Organic Brown Rice Cakes by Lundberg, 1 Organic Banana, Organic Raw Almond Butter & Cinnamon) Mmmm! Cover rice cakes in almond butter, add sliced banana and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Eating healthy at mealtime is one thing, but if you’re anything like me— it’s the snacking that will get you. It’s nice to have a little between-meals pick-me-up, but those treats can be full of calories and can quickly throw you off track. If you’re trying to stick with a

14 Healthy (And Actually Tasty) Snacks To Help You Stick To Your Diet

Puffy brown-rice cakes are just as versatile as toasts for layering on the flavor (and they're gluten-free). (There's a lot of good combinations listed and not pictured too)

40 Rice Cake Topping Ideas | Simple Healthy Recipes | Tasty Homemade Snacks

40 Rice Cake Topping Ideas

These Owl Rice Cake Snacks are a wise choice for picky eaters. Check out this simple recipe for a healthy snack for the kids!

Owl Rice Cake Snacks

one time or another, every mom has struggled with finding an exciting healthy snack for their kids. Owl Rice Cake Snacks are incredibly simple to make and the kids will squeal with delight! Not only are they fun, but they taste amazing too!

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Rice Cake Pizza: Unexpected Healthy Winter Snacks

Healthy, Yummy & Easy Homemade Food Perfect for Picky Eaters.

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20 Healthy & Delicious Gym-Fueling Vegan Snacks: Rice Cakes Snack with Avocado, Arugula and Sriracha Sauce.