Some simple ideas to build a cheap, but nice looking, rock wall.

How to build a cheap garden rock wall or a simple concrete reinforced retaining wall. If you do not have much money and can't easily fix stuff you probably can still build these simple retaining walls.

Mixed materials (stone, wood, metal).                                                                                                                                                      More

DIY Retaining Walls

Add style and support to your yard in just six steps.

How to Build a Concrete Retaining Wall

How to build a Concrete Retaining Wall. Use a roll of insulation on the face side to give a rough hewn stone look.

Concrete Retaining Wall

boulder retaining wall design - like the use of large and smaller boulders

Round granite boulders in neutral colors make boulder retaining walls a popular choice for residential homes. Built by experienced professionals.

How to Build a Boulder Rock Retaining Wall

How to Build a Boulder Rock Retaining Wall

Boulder rock retaining walls look natural in any landscape. A retaining wall needs to be strong to support the soil behind, and boulders naturally perform this task.

boulder retaining wall | offers the experience of 200,000 square feet of rock retaining walls ...

Boulder retaining walls that are included in the garden make the garden feel natural and also unique Architectural Landscape Design- edging

DIY Retaining Wall - Simple Steps for Building Retaining Wall with japan style

How to Build a Timber Retaining Wall

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