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Funny pictures about Ikea Crucifix. Oh, and cool pics about Ikea Crucifix. Also, Ikea Crucifix photos.

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Who's Is It Then?

Random Funny Pictures – 49 Pics it ain't peter's church i'll tell ya that much

maybe God wants you to adopt it

18 Reason Why Cats Talking To You So Much - MEOW

"If you love Jesus and want to be blessed you'll repin this. If you don't, you hate God and blessings and your mother and kittens!" :D

Soapbox: It annoys me to no end when people insinuate that you don't love Jesus or you won't be blessed unless you share their post. It is just as ridiculous as this pin.

Vulture Humor

Dear Lord, bless this meal and the car that prepared it. - Inherit the Mirth by Cuyler Black Wednesday, October 2014