Don't mind the cursing!!!

excuse the language but this is so true. Everyone thinks that rednecks and country people are like the first thing and they aren't, they have morals and respect and dignity so stop pickin on em and get to know em before you judge them

Armed & Beautiful

ameliorating-ashley: “whiskey-gunpowder: “ winter wonderland ” those leggings are dope, I need a pair ”

I don't wear daisy dukes or crop tops. I feel damn good in a pair of old jeans and a t-shrit and a ball cap

I hope yall read this because i think that its very important to love your body no matter what

Made by Redneck Girl Obsession.  Ends October 15th. I like this shirt only I'd want to use my own target.

My Aim Is Better Than My Temper

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Speaking of diesels I smell like diesel I smell good today. Danny's new truck hid ford smells likes diesel on the inside and it smells good