Reclaimed barn wood lends an amazing warm, antique touch to your home. However, dirt and mold don't. We can't forget this wood is old and needs cleaning before bringing inside, read on to learn how!

How to Clean Reclaimed Barn Wood

1 part bleach, 3 parts water. Spray over wood after removing nails. Let sit a few minutes and power wash.

Reclaimed Barn Wood Siding Fixture with Caged Edison Bulbs for //Bar//Restaurant //Home - Rustic Lighting*

Choose Size Made to Order Reclaimed Barn Wood Siding Fixture with Caged Edison Bulbs for //Bar//Restaurant //Home - Rustic Lighting*

When used on a surface that's not walked on, reclaimed wood can be left nearly as-is. In this rustic kitchen, the richer, deeper finish remains unadorned except for a good cleaning. Mismatched pieces were used to create the island, too, offering a complement to the brick (also reused)./

20 Brilliant Uses for Reclaimed Wood

Use reclaimed wood for amazing salvaged decor and furniture in your home. Get inspired to start a reclaimed wood project with our gallery of ideas including a reclaimed barn door, a wall made with salvaged wood and cool vintage signs and other decor.

Nativité crèche Stable avec toit en pente par SilverHollyLLC

~~~~~~ DESCRIPTION ~~~~~~~ Handmade creche build from reclaimed barn wood with a slanted roof perfect for your Willow Tree or other nativity

Ordinateur de bureau, Table de bois de récupération, bois de grange rustique tableau 3 étagère

Rustic Reclaimed Barn Wood Computer Desk Table W/ 3 Shelf System- Solid Oak W/ 28 Black Iron Pipe legs. This unique item was created using salvaged

Étagères de salle de bain bois Grange recyclée par CaseConcepts2000

For the spare bathroom? Reclaimed barn wood bathroom shelves made out of salvaged lumber from a Saline Michigan"