Lizzi Miller, 20, plus-size model. Love her real-ness and willingness to be soft and squishy in front of the camera.Thank you!

What Everyone But You Sees About Your Body

Lizzie Miller in the 2009 Sept. issue of Glamour. I remember reading this article as a teenager and being so inspired by seeing a healthy, happy, beautiful woman over a size six in a national magazine.

Marilyn Monroe

30 Photos of Marilyn Monroe Not Giving a Damn

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Only 5% of women have the kind of body we see on billboards and magazines. Here are 96 examples of the rest if us.

96 Bodies You Won't See On Billboards -- But Should

Only 5 percent of women have the type of body we see on billboards and in TV commercials. The "Expose" project wants you to see the remaining 95 percent.

An average woman - way more beautiful than sticks.

The wobbly bits that shook the world: The joyous support created by a model's picture (flabby tummy and all)

"Real woman" model Lizzie Miller poses with her "flabby tummy and all" and most importantly she looks SO happy in this picture. I don't want to be a stick, I want to be a real woman with healthy curves!

As I support that women can have whatever body they are comfortable in, so do guys!

Real Women's Bodies? What About Real Men's Bodies?

Aerie is a brand known for preaching body positivity. Now, their movement continues with the new "Share Your Spark" campaign which takes things a step further by using real women in their ads. The cast of 40 includes Aerie staff members, bloggers, designers, and customers.

Aerie Recruits Real Women for Its Latest #AerieREAL Campaign

Say no to thinspo, and say yes to loving yourself!

Daily motivation (25 photos)