how to do rag curls

The ultimate DIY tutorial for rag curls

An excellent sausage rag curls tutorial. Haha my mother use to do this to us girls all the time.

The Perfect Curl, or.. Socks, Chux and Handkerchiefs

This is the rag curls tutorial I found many moons ago and I've been looking for again! Yay for me! :D Dead Easy Rag Curls.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! …or… Dead Easy Rag Curls.

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Vintage Hairstyle Techniques - How To Create Rag Curl

Vintage Hairstyle Techniques - How To Create Rag Curl

Vintage Hairstyle Techniques - How To Create Rag Curl , pin curls and foam roller curls

Genius. Replace plastic in sponge curlers with fabric strips. No dents and more comfy to sleep in.

my hair setting invention! using scrap fabric for night time hair rollers :: straight talking mama

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Paper Towel Curls Tutorial... I feel the need to try this.. I wonder if it'll work on long thick hair

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The trick for curly hair without heat: Paper towel curls! So easy, just roll your hair in paper towels after a shower, and it absorbs the moisture. Then either sleep on them or diffuse them.

How to: HEATLESS rag curls for long hair         1. Wash and condition your hair.  Don't overcondition, since this will make your curls more...

How to: HEATLESS rag curls for long hair. I used baby wipes on dry hair and it turned out great,

DIY: Fabric Hair Roller Tutorial

hair curler sewing tutorial

wonderwoman creations: How to make fabric hair curlers. Great idea for the grand-daughters!

How to Curl Hair with Rags

How to Curl Hair with Rags

They take a long time to dry, but it worthwhile to avoid using heat or products on your hair.

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How to rag roll your hair - Dampen hair. Twist a section of hair around a strip of fabric. Tie the fabric strip in place and repeat until your hair is rolled. Sleep on your rag rolls and remove them in the morning for pretty curls!