Ellsworth Kelly (nacido en 1923). Escultor y pintor abstracto estadounidense célebre por sus experimentaciones cromáticas. Muchas de sus pinturas de la década de 1950 consisten simplemente en una única mancha abstracta y muy definida de un color brillante sobre fondo neutro. También realizó algunas obras que se hallan entre las primeras de formato irregular, en las que el lienzo se extiende sobre un marco tridimensional para crear la forma deseada.

Linking Collections, Building Connections: Works from the Hudson Valley Visual Art Collections Consortium. (Ellsworth Kelly, Untitled, Collection Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art;

Impulse by Eric  "Kala" Forey, via 500px steps stairs stairways red yellow spiral exterior

PRIMARY CONTRAST Impulse by Eric "Kala" Forey, via steps stairs stairways red yellow spiral exterior

Primary Colors | Ms. Truong's Elementary Art Class

Primary Colors

grade Students identified the three primary colors (red, yellow, blue) and made painting with them. They used a ruler to make a border around the paper. Next, they traced their hand and drew t…

Photographer Bobby Doherty for New York Magazine

Pump up the volume-Photographer Bobby Doherty for New York Magazine

Cortesia do Website Felice Varini #primary #colors #art

Arte e Arquitetura: Decomposição da Geometria/ Intervenções de Felice Varini

‘Theatre of the World’, the Museum of Old and New Art’s latest exhibition, opens today featuring the work of Swiss artist Felice Varini. Varini plays on perspective turning trompe l'oeil into a experience. Read more about Varini’s work in 'Another.

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Suvi Koponen in “COLOR UP!” Photographed by Sebastian Kim and Styled by Kate Mossman for Vogue Germany October 2010