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Ready to Use Press Release Template [Infographic] - Love a good success story? Learn how I went from zero to 1 million in sales in 5 months with an e-commerce store.

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When sending a press release, there can be a lot of pieces to juggle. Check out these A-to-Z press release tips for a refresher on how to write and distribute content that not just gets noticed, but also drives audience action.

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In Public Relations we do releases for class assignments and for future careers. This is a great example of what a press release layout should look class we talked about writing and using press releases for crisis and campaign.

104 Ideas for Press Releases Infographic.   #pressrelease #strategy #ideas

Looking for some ideas before you distribute your press release? Check out these 104 Ideas for Press Releases Infographic.

what PR metrics you should measure and why - #infographic

Press Release Metrics That Matter Infographic

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7 Tips On How To Write A Powerful Press Release

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Content PR

Defining Content Strategy

Differentiation between traditional PR and content PR. While PR strategies focused on press release distribution, newsletters and printed publications, content PR on the other hand is a far more social animal.

Here are 10 tips for optimizing your press release shown in an infographic

What I like about this pin is that these are super great suggestions for really making your press release stand out! // ENTREPRENEURSHIP (AP) 10 Tips for Optimizing Your Press Release (Infographic)

Want to get your business mentioned in the media so you can get in front of your perfect audience or...

17 Things You Should Never Do in a Press Release (Michelle Shaeffer)

Press Release Dos and Don'ts Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Business category. Check out Press Release Dos and Don'ts now!