Post learning targets and I can( objectives) for the first week of school for parents to see

learning targets

Grade Thoughts: Learning Targets & Objectives I think I would change the title to Learning Goals and maybe use a soccer theme.

I Can Do It Boards - Classroom Decorating Here I Come

my own twist on things: daily objective dry erase boards.not just for teachers! also a good idea for homework each subject is separated just like in their agenda books

I love this! Our class is really working on transitions. We do great until we have to move! Going to lunch, specials, even to the rug! *sigh* Hopefully something like this will help! We can use it for academic goals too!

Identify long term class goals: This is a daily goal so students know objectives and why we are learning what we are learning. It would be neat to have a student fill this in as we go over it at the start of each class period.

Growing Kinders: Target Learning Goals and #create2educateh, great format

White board organization for your classroom- a visual representation of what the day/week looks like along with learning objective, agenda for the day, homework -Liz Anderson

Routines: This example is a good way to support learning and develop global competency. Daily objectives for subjects are written in dry-erase marker in plain view of the entire class. By purchasing inexpensive frames, this teacher came up with a routine that establishes daily classroom norms and creates a culture unique to their community. I think if I were to use this in my class, I would try and find some larger frames so that objectives could be viewed from any distance within the…

A fun way to display your objectives for the day! You can use dry erase markers to write your objectives and they wipe off easily for you to reuse each day!