Into an #eclectic look? This #photo wall is perfect for you! Take snapshots of times with family & friends and postcards from your adventures for a great statement wall in any #room of your home.

Make a Picture Wall

wall of postcards. A new travel tradition? Each of us gets a post card for the other and writes a note on it and pin them up on a wall in a study or spare room

Display postcards a polaroids from your travels for a unique accent wall.

20 Ways To Display Keepsakes From Your Travels And Trips

Polaroid Pictures This wall art idea is by far the easiest we’ve seen. It looks effortless (because it is!), but it’s also pulled-together. Simply tape or tack personal photos or postcards of roughly the same size to a blank wall and wrap around a corner.

Poppytalk: 20 Cool Decorating Tricks for the Home

20 Cool Decorating Tricks for the Home

love this photo wall! one continuous piece of wire is strung along hooks, and photos/postcards are interchangeable using clips


City skylines made from various postcards for the guest room or mud room... nifty!

Postcards wall art from Mr Perswall - available to buy online here at Tangletree Interiors. The UK's leading supplier of designer wallpaper, fabric and paint - direct to your wall.

Would love to do this with hanging photos  - what kind of pins are those?

6 Ways To Hang Photos Without Using Nails

Hanging cards around your studio space - inspiration and also a great idea for card display

Photo Wall - Why choose just one photo?

At Your Leisure - Issue 2

old photos/post cards as diy wall paper in a laundry room or utility photos and animals. you want to see all those pics of your children and dogs and cats!