Wasteland warriors

Man From The North by Paolo Manzini on I see some potential in parts of this gear, but I'm not a fan of the overall outfit.

Well meant, but in an increasingly heated world, this better be some pretty light material

Futuristic Clothing

Also love how much bleaker the word futuristic has gotten. These folks are ready for an apocalypse, not shiny spires and togas.

post apocalyptic jacket diy - Google Search

Daring Desert-Inspired Jackets

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DIY Dystopian Cowl Neck Shawl by on @DeviantArt                                                                                                                    <button class="Button Module borderless hasText vaseButton" type="button">        <span class="buttonText">                          More         </span>          </button>

A quick (and very thrown together) tutorial on how to make a DIY dystopian style cowl neck shawl.

Post-apokalyptischen Doomsday-Jeans von Mad Max Skinny fit

Mad Max Skinny fit Post Apocalyptic doomsday Jeans

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93 Delightfully Dark Leather Looks