Learn the Basics of Pole Bending with Your Horse: A rider rounding the last pole during pole bending..

Learn the Basics of Pole Bending with Your Horse

Pole bending is a common and fun gymkhana or playday game, besides being a very competitive rodeo event. Learn how to pole bend with yorur horse.

Barrel Racing Pole Bending Quotes Poles Aren't Just for Dancing

Poles Aren't Just For Dancing Decals

HELP PLEASE! any ideas on what I can use to make a Pole Bending set. Mostly house hold things I don't have money to buy anything.

This used to be me and Meela , my old pole bending mare . I sold her beacuse i didn't had time to do pole bending while getting qualified for the 2020 Olimpics . Does anyone know someone whos selling a pole bending horse ?