Another photo of plywood floors...and this one uses bigger sections so would lay much faster.

Inspiration: Plywood Floors (How-to Included)

Interior Design, The Living Room Decoration Idea Also Glass=window Then Beauutiful Table Lamp Also Beautiful Chair Then Cute Small Wooden Table: The Beautiful Home Flooring Idea By Using The Exciting Of The Plywood Floors Style Idea

A Newbie's Guide to Plywood Plank Flooring:

A Newbie's Guide to Plywood Plank Flooring: Prepping and Laying the Boards - Shark Tails Part 1 another very good DIY On plank floors. GOod info on sanding the boards a nice before and after shot of that.

Plywood floor - much cheaper than laminate & a whole lot more durable!!  Just use a router to create the grooves!

HOME: DIY Plywood floor = Inexpensive paintable floor. A pinner said "Did this in our house.we just put the sheets of plywood down and routed out grooves.then some stain and poly.its been ten years and still looks great and we love it.

DIY stained plywood flooring.  Use your subfloor as flooring!  Tiny house build save money, time, weight and add space.

Stop-gap measure, until we can afford to replace the floors > Video:How to Stain Plywood Floor Subfloor Flooring: Tiny House Build [Episode


Maybe wouldn't work with radiant heating, but I love this look. But how to make it damage resistant? Clear epoxy perhaps? If we do this it can't have voids and it needs to be a harder wood, like oak (and expensive).