Pit bulls deserve better!... WAY better.

LOOK: Pit Bulls Are Just About The Nicest Dogs There Are

Pit Bulls and Parolees.  I love everything they do here

Pit Bulls & Parolees

#Pitbulls still getting a bad rap. Fact vs fiction #Dogs @animalleague…

Justice for Pit Bulls: Fact vs Fiction

Do you know that American Bully or Other breed dogs are not just man best friend? Watch why they are not just man best friend here:

Courtesy of: 1800PetMeds.com Want to be a champion for Pit Bulls? Follow our Facebook to find out how YOU can save a life! If you liked this post, take a look at these!October is For Shattering Pit Bull MythsGiving Pit Bulls A Second ChancePit Bull Facts: Do You Know The Truth?Just Checking InWhat’s Your Pit [...]

The Great Pit Bull Debate: Educate Yourself Before You Speak

Pitbull Myths and Facts - Infographic ~ When all is said and done, Pitties make the Very Best dogs to adopt and love in your home.

In the 1920s, pit bulls were referred to as "nursemaid dogs" because of how well they behaved with children!

Vintage pit bull and child. Back when pit bulls didn't have a bad name all because of stupid humans. Pit bulls were called the Nanny DOGS.

Can you pick the Pit Bull? "left to right, top to bottom: 1. American Bulldog 2. American Allaunt 3. Alapha Blue Blood Bulldog 4. Dogo Argentino 5. Presa Canario 6. Ca do Bou 7. American Pit Bull Terrier 8. Cane Corso 9. Boxer 10. American Bandogge 11. Olde English Bulldog 12. American Bully. BSL is not a solution, it is a problem… It is wrong, and innocent animals die because of it." I wanna be on the loving pitty committee

Pitbulls Lovers's photo: left to right, top to bottom: American Bulldog American Allaunt Alapha Blue Blood Bulldog Dogo Argentino Presa Canario Ca do Bou American Pit Bull Terrier Cane Corso Boxer American Bandogge Olde English Bulldog American Bully

:: Myths About Pitbulls :: Our LabStaff was such an angel - I would have her mix again if I could. Am definitely considering a rescue pitbull... one's at the county no-kill shelter now, though I find it difficult to look at her cropped ears.

Myths About Pitbulls

Myths About Pitbulls: Pitt Bull, Pit Bull Dog, Puppy Pitbull, Pittbull, Animal

October is Pit Bull Awareness Month! Punish the deed, not the breed--end breed-specific legislation. Go to the animal shelter, meet a pit bull, take a friend, and change minds.

LOOK: Pit Bulls Are Just About The Nicest Dogs There Are

October is Pit Bull Awareness Month! Come meet my Bonnie and Klyde. It will change EVERYTHING you think you know about pits.

Pit bulls have the reputation of being vicious fighters, liable to snap and attack without a moment’s notice. You might be surprised that this reputation has been forced onto pit bulls by human misinformation, rather than earned through behavior. As Rebecca O’Connor writes for National Geographic, pit bulls used to be America’s darling breed

Giving Pit Bulls a Second Chance Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Animals category. Check out Giving Pit Bulls a Second Chance now!

Beware of Pit Bulls; They will Steal Your Heart  Print, Dog Park Publishing

They will steal your heart like a thief in the night, showing you complete and pure love that only a Pit Bull can show. Dean Russo's "Beware of Pit Bulls" print is a beautiful Pop Art tribu .

I am a Pit Bull                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I am a Pit Bull: served in service dog, canine good citizen, hero…