Gun & flowers

Kick Ass Tattoo Ideas: American Traditional Tattoo Style

gun tattoo by ~tattooistgus on deviantART

Men like to sport masculine tattoos like tigers, dragons, skeletons, ancient symbols and so on, but gun tattoos are one of the most common among them.

15 Cool Gun Tattoos For Women

Why do people get gun tattoos? Some answers appear to be obvious showing the world your hobby or passion, helping to ease the pain of loss .

Love this..I already have two pistols on me..think I need a third one

Seeing as how I love guns, it only makes sense to get a tattoo with a gun in it. I just can't seem to find a type of gun design that I would want put on my body.

Pistol Tattoo Design  "show him what little girls are made of, gun powder and lead"

Pistol Tattoo Design "show Him What Little Girls Are Made Of, Gun Powder And Lead" instead of a rose a tulip

Colt Pistol Tattoo On Arm INK Cover The World Hotel And Flight Deals.We Guarantee The Best Price.

I want a or a 40 tattooed on my arm in the same place but not as big.

Guns and roses shaded by on @deviantART

The shaded version of the linework I did earlier, done with those markers I got. Guns and roses shaded