Pistachio Shell cherry blossom tree would look great enlarged on 3 canvases & hung in the living room

The box of pistachio shells has been sitting on my table since Chinese New Year and daddy, had on many occasions, threatened to throw it awa.

Things with Shells | ... this wall hanging using pista shells, a table mat and fabric paint

Love pistachio shells and crafts? Repurpose pistachio shells in unique and custom-crafted summer bouquets.

Kid's craft: pista shell painting

Hi all good morning In my last post I showed sea shell painting of my boys. Today I am going to share pista Shell paintin.

DIY Fall Decoration | How cool are these votive holders made from pistachio shells?

1-Hour Fall Crafts

These are pistachio shells! Hot-glue a second row of shells outside the first, keeping them flat and tucking them between the first row. Finally, hot-glue pistachios to the metal around the candle and place it in the center.

Pistachio shell flowers

Pistachio shell flowers

Little pistachio shell turtles!

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Personalized necklace Ideas, Craft Ideas on Personalized necklace

Bib necklace made with paper beads. Could also make with doubled pistachio shells?

DIY succulents made out of pistachio shells (wreath is scary, but I can't think of a better use for them...lol. ;-))

DIY: Hanging “Succulent Garden” Made With Pistachio Shells

Not sure if I would have the patience for it ;)) DIY: Hanging “Succulent Garden” Made With Pistachio Shells

Ombre Necklace Made from Pistachio Shells – DIY

Ombre Necklace Made from Pistachio Shells - DIY

I knew I there should be a use for all those shell halves when I ate the "Roasted No Salt" from Valley Pistachio in Madera Ombre Necklace Made from Pistachio Shells – DIY

Don't toss out your pistachio shells ~ make beautiful flowers with them.

Instead of throwing away her leftover pistachio shells, this crafter does something TOTALLY unexpected!