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♓️pisces My Astrology Chart Basics: Capricorn Sun Sign/Pisces Ascendant- Rising/ Moon in Sagittarius / Venus in Scorpio

If you haven't figured it out... Don't poke the bear.

Good gawd, let's not provoke a temperamental psychic rebellious Pisces! I'm staying on his sweet loyal hopelessly romantic side.

Pisces: They don’t need anything fancy,but for you to be there when they need you the most. Those moments are the ones that count. - WTF Zodiac Signs Daily Horoscope!

As a Pisces you do things from the bottom of your heart because you genuinely care not because you feel obligated.

Fun facts about your sign here

If a Pisces wants to be sweet, they can be a real angel. Mess with them and see a real devil.