pirate eye patch cut out--- I made nine to a sheet and used black foam pieces. Make a french knot on each end using black elastic. french knot: http://www.sublimestitching.com/pages/how-to-french-knot

try this easy Pirate Eye Patch Craft

Discover how easy it is to make an eye patch using some craft foam and yarn. Anyone can be transformed into a pirate with this simple eye patch craft.

Pirate Party Photo booth Props Set - 22 Piece PRINTABLE - moustache, beard, pirate eye patch, pirate hat, hook, peter pan

Shiver me Timbers! Here is the ultimate collection of Pirate photo booth props! Contains 22 pieces: ♥ 5 x pirate hats ♥

Pirate party - have a dress up station when kids first arrive that has all the pirate gear

Pirate party ideas: Have a dress-up station for kids to get decked out in fun pirate gear! Easy activity for a pirate birthday party.

"After a couple more clues they found themselves being attacked, and had to throw bombs at the other ship to earn their eye patches."

Sink a Ship pirate party game! My mom made the pirate ship on a poster board for me and I cut the holes and got little bean bags for cannon balls. The kids had fun throwing the 'cannon balls' to sink the ship and earn gold dabloons!

Swashbuckler Men's Costume

Swashbuckler Men's Costume

popping "cannon balls" with prizes...put a pirate eye patch in each balloon...and have kids pop..in order for kids to complete their pirate transformation

Pirate Party

Jake and The Neverland Pirates party. popping "cannon balls" with prizes.put a pirate eye patch in each balloon.and have kids pop.in order for kids to complete their pirate transformation

Pink Pirate Eye Patch w/ Plastic Gold Earring

Pink Pirate Eye Patch w/ Plastic Gold Earring

Who says pirates can't be fashionable? The Pink Pirate Eye Patch with Plastic Gold Earring is very stylish and she will love being a cool looking pretty pirate. Each package contains one Pink Pirate E