How to make a whirlygig - with printable template

How to make a whirlygig

How to make a whirlygig - with printable template. Could be used as a Miracle of the Sun Catholic craft

Have you ever wondered what games pioneer children played? Laura Ingalls Wilder describes many games and activities in her books, and research shows us a few other games that children played during this era.

Here you’ll see a full list of games and activities from the “Pioneer Era” that require either easily made items or no equipment whatsoever.

fun spinners craft for kids to do this summer!

I’m kimbo from a girl and a glue gun and I’ve got a super fun craft for you to keep the kids entertained this summer, part of the Make and Takes summer series Get Out and Play! Craft up. Continue Reading → - Crafting Is My Life

Kick the Can Game

Kick the Can Game - how to play Kick the Can with directions, instructions, set up and variations. Fun Hide and seek style game for kids of all ages.