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Unique Pie Iron Recipes For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert. Wow Your Guests With These Pie Iron Recipes On Your Next Camping Trip!

Camp breakfast of champions: Stuffed Hash Browns.

Pie Iron Cooking - pictured: Stuffed Hash Browns {also recipe for Blueberry Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast} : dirtygourmet

Helpful hints about pie irons 1. Use foil in your pie irons. (It prevents cross contamination but also means you don't have to scrub the cle...

Lots of good tips! Lining with foil helps clean up. Gluten & Dairy Free Pie Iron recipes for camping or for a backyard fire pit - if you have one. Great ideas on this post! Now I just need to find a pie iron.

We have rounded up these 15 best and easy to make pie iron recipes for the campers, adventure lovers and outdoor party people.

20+ Best & Easy To Make Pie Iron Recipes

If you are planning to spend some time trekking and camping out in the wilderness, there will be some additional camping gear that you will need to take along

15 Pie Iron Recipes Perfect for Nights at the Bonfire Pit - Second Chance To Dream

15 Pie Iron Recipes

15 Pie Iron Recipes Perfect for Nights by the Campfire (including pie iron strawberry shortcakes, yum!) - Second Chance To Dream

Pie Iron Cheesy Tots.  Tater tots, onion, peppers, garlic salt, salt, pepper, cook 4-5 mins.  Add cheese, cook until melted.  Could serve with an egg and bacon or sausage.

Pie Iron Cheesy Tots - Discuss Cooking - Cooking Forums Sprague Pass Why not? You like them in the waffle iron.

Pie Iron Calzones. These things (pie irons) are one of the coolest camping inventions...ev-er!

Use Klosterman Bread to satisfy your craving for calzones on your next camping trip with this delicious Pie Iron Calzone recipe!

Pie Iron Recipe - Chicken Chimichangas - 50 Campfires

Pot pie is a great home style comfort food that can easily be brought to the campsite. This great pie iron chicken pot pie recipe is so simple yet delicious

Pie Iron Quesadillas

On a chilly day, pie iron quesadillas make a great lunch. Tortillas work well in a pie iron, creating crispy pockets you can fill with a variety of ingredients.