Picture Frame Wreath I like these colors for Halloween. Maybe set a skeleton wearing a festive hat inside the frame.

I had a special request for a picture frame wreath for Christmas; it turned out beautifully. I thought an "any occasion" frame wreath would also be great.

Picture frame wreath #memories #photos... most women I know enjoy having family photos and this could be so cool.  Could even use old vintage family photos for your Grandparents!

Picture Frame Memory Wreath

What a great idea, all your memories (well lots anyway) in one gorgeous wreath. DIY Tutorial: DIY Wreaths / DIY Picture Frame Memory Wreath - Bead Such a cool project!

Spring Wreath Something Old, Something New

Spring Wreath Something Old, Something New

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DIY Picture Frame Wreath

Use a picture frame to make a door wreath. A DIY wreath idea for late summer that is easy and so elegant when it is finished.

The cold rainy season is upon us, making room for the holidays to come. We are looking and searching to make our homes cozier, warmer, more enjoyable to spend time in and we usually appeal to wood and fabrics to undertake this mission. Fall shades varying from pure white to deep browns and reds mergeRead more

Brand new to Sunburst Outdoor Decor! Decorate your front door or a wall inside your home with this beautiful rustic floral monogram

A frame ($1 thrift store find, Holla!!) You need:  Yarn, Felt, Hot glue gun, and glue  Wooden letter

Great idea if you need a wreath that will lay flat to your door (i. not a lot of space between door and screen door). Initial wreath: yarn wrap a frame and hang your initial in the middle.

Make a Rustic Wreath from a Picture Frame

Make a Rustic Wreath from a Picture Frame

Inspired by a pinterest grapevine wreath snowman. Goodwill picture frames painted white. Made some inexpensive gifts.

Inspired by grapevine wreath snowman. Space frames out and use ribbon stapled to the back between frames to hold them together and for easier storage

A decorated frame makes a unique holiday wreath!

Picture Frame Wreath - Think outside the box -- create Christmas glitz and glamour with a modern twist by adding a glittered holiday fern (in shades of champagne) and a silver and gold accented picture frame.

Spring wreath - hot glue greenery to a square picture frame. I think I will add an initial to the middle.

Spring wreath - hot glue greenery to a square picture frame I've wanted a square wreath forever, but didn't want to pay a lot of money.