Photo bunting. I did loads of this for my wedding.

Since my mother lives so far away (in The Netherlands) and the mail takes close to a week to get there, I had to get crafting already last .

LOVE this idea, currently on the lookout for a good but cheap polaroid picture printing place. Will probably do this with clothes pegs just below the NY poster. Until then, I've ordered 10 photos which I'll probably stick below the bookshelf.

photo bunting- would be great with pics of the Connexions ladies. A nice link to the people who made the products. Also great with the sari bunting mixed/ criss-crossed in

DIY Wedding Decor: Photo Bunting Tutorial

Pendle Pendle MacGregor Project DIY: Photo Bunting Flags Easy to print images on fabric so you could have custom orders ;

Bedroom Fairy Light Ideas: Quick & Easy DIY Fairy Light Wall | 4 Home

DIY Fairy Light Wall

Pin Christmas Cards up on Christmas lights instead of twine or string. For Christmas Card Display. I like this for kids art display also !