“Sometimes dead is better”   ― Stephen King, Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary is a VERY creepy book and the movie is darn good too which isn't always so.

Oh this kid was a bundle of cute and crazy scary. Love it

Miko Hughes, the most adorable homicidal zombie-toddler in cinematic history, holding a copy of Stephen King's "Pet Sematary." Miko made his film debut as little Gage Creed in the film adaptation of King's book in He was 27 months old.

Stephen King - Pet Sematary

Birthday boy Stephen King (September with the cat that played Church in the 1983 film adaption of his novel, 'Pet Sematary'. I love Churchy!

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Pet Sematary

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"Pet Sematary" oder auch Friedhof der Kuscheltier! Von Stephen King. Der Film war überraschend gut für so einen alten Film! Ich liebe ihn! ;) <3

No one will soon forget Gage and the 'no fair' adorable line of a zombie child. Stephen King nearly always a must see.

Ahhh....i hope cole got this out of his system LoL

Gage, Pet Sematary from 13 Scary Kids From Horror Movies