A new owners guide to everything miniature pig. Start here first.

Make one special photo charms for your pets, compatible with your Pandora bracelets. A new owners guide to everything miniature pig. Start here first.

Pigs are some of the cutest animals around. And while most people think of dogs and cats when it comes to pets, pigs can make awesome pets as well. They are trainable, affectionate, and quite smart. Tea cup pigs are becoming popular for city dwellers due to their small size. Check out eBay to learn everything you need to know about getting a pet pig.

Pet Pigs: Why You Need One & How to Care for One

Poster Print Wall Art Print entitled Pig standing looking up, None

Potbelly Pig Pen | Now I realize most people don't have a pet pig, but, most of us have ...

Piggy House Ideas- appropriate pig shelter ideas, examples of pig houses, hog house, pig outside shelters.



If I Fit I Sit: Pig Version

If I Fit I Sit: Pig Version

The story of the pig and the tub of water. - Real Funny has the best funny pictures and videos in the Universe!

DIY Pig Rooting Box - Made ours today. A little different but same general idea

DIY Pig Rooting Box - kind of perfect because I want to name my pet pig Penelope

New pig parent list

American Mini Pig Association was created to educate, advocate, protect miniature pigs, improve breeding practices.

Another outfit: The animal also owns this well-fitted unicorn suit

Hamlet the fancy dress micro pig becomes internet star

A pet pig. They are 3x smarter than dogs and love to cuddle!

This is my pet pig. He is a pot belly pig and his name is Peppa. Pigs are cute and gentle. I would totally recommend getting one!