5 online personality quizzes that are actually worth taking.

5 online personality quizzes actually worth taking.

You don& need to know what kind of snack food matches your personality, or which Ryan Gosling character is your soulmate. Instead, spend on your time on these 5 online personality quizzes that give you actual insight into what you& like.

A full list of resources - including links to learn more and take quizzes - to get to know yourself better. Includes a downloadable bonus guide. Check it out at  http://www.soul-warriors.com/17-ways-to-get-to-know-yourself-better

17 Ways to Get to Know Yourself Better

Take the ultimate personality quiz - and discover who you REALLY are. Identify your strengths and weaknesses - Self Improvement Blog | A Journey 2 Success

Is this the Ultimate Personality Quiz

You're meant to have purple colored eyes. This fantasy shade of lilac is perfect for you. You're the kind of person who embodies the calm before the storm, and the serenity of lavender compliments this characteristic flawlessly. You're mysterious but powerful, unique but captivating. This eye color truly suits your soul and if you were born into a fantasy realm, it would undoubtedly be your natural shade.

What Should Your Fantasy Eye Color Really Be?

Which Candy Matches Your Personality?

Which Candy Matches Your Personality?

Only Starburst Strawberry. Just the freshest, softest and only the strawberry Starburst flavor you love.

Cool thing to test your chracters on! Your antagonist would probably be a fire, unless they are out of the ordinary...

Which of the Four Elements Are You?

Comment you guys!!! Mine is intelligent, hot, makes people laugh, loves to laugh and smile, cute, has gorgeous eyes, caring

Humble Hot Lucky Easy to fall in love with Has gorgeous eyes Class bunker Loves to laugh and smile Caring Has gorgeous eyes OMG they make me seem perfect!

This is the most thorough and accurate "Which Disney Princess Are You?" quiz out there. We have created this quiz to address every part of your personality, and match you up with the Disney Princess most similar. This quiz is not simply, you like books therefore you are Belle. It goes deeper than that. Want even more Disney Princess info? Check out our appearance quiz!

The Ultimate Disney Princess Personality Quiz

Very helpful when trying to give a character a background.

Hidden Talents and How to Become an Expert

Myers-Briggs Personality Types --- I can't count the # of times I have taken this but I am usually INTJ . sometimes INFJ but usually INTJ -- I'm nerdy and I know it, but I totally buy into this.