Rebecca Green provides a natural, woodsy palette to fables both real and imagined.

These Colored Pencil Illustrations Feel Like Classic Storybooks

Pencil Illustrations by Dasha Pliska  #drawing #illustration

Artwork by DASHA PLISKA from “ARCHETYPE” “Archetypical imagery are always accompany people, they are a source of mythology, religion, and art. In these cultural forms are gradually grinding confused.

Issey Miyake Parfums invites you to take a pause for pure digital emotion.

Skog by Frida Stenmark An interesting way to texture trees; simple but effective. (Jessica Tracey for project brief)

crescendo - Felicita Sala: how to add colour to black and white pictures - do the illustration in black and white but leave spaces for coloured pencil to be added later

The drawing style of this author caught my attentions also the use of different colours and compositions had created a unique feeling in the picture. Reference: Illustration by Felicita Sala.

Studio Meez. Bundle up in your favorite scarf today :)

I like the pattern in the scarf, the idea of sections. This lends itself well to how I like to draw.

Illustration by Anja Sušanj

Anja Sušanj's Drawings That Only Make Us More Curious About The "City"