Our Favorite Pedicure Colors Now: Daily Beauty Reporter : Why, hello there, open-toe season! (We thought you’d never come.) After what felt like a never-ending streak of cold weather, leggings, and boots, this week marked the big unveiling of our toes (yay!). I prepped by getting an Easter-egg-inspired pedicure...

Our Favorite Pedicure Colors Now

Light Blue Pedicure with Silver Glitter

A Fresh Take On February

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Haha.. I thought this was interesting. Wondering what the best pedi color will go with your sandals/open toe shoes?

Toenail and flip-flop colour guide . People have that much time and care that much about coordinating toenails to flip flops? Those people need better hobbies.

OPI Hello Kitty Collection 2016 - Let's Be Friends! // @kelliegonzoblog

I'm excited today to show you the OPI Hello Kitty collection! I've always adored Hello Kitty and coming together with arguably my (and the world's) favorite nail polish brand

The Best Mani/Pedi Pairings #nailtips #manicure #nailchart

Ladies, in this article we are going to share with you some Life-Saving Nail Hacks That Every Girl Would Want To Know. Scroll down, and make your manicure routine an easy one!

Did this pedicure color last summer. Would do it on my nails for a summer color that pops... I believe this color is called flip flop fantasy.

10 Best China Glaze Nail Polishes And Swatches - 2018 Update

China Glaze "Flip Flop Fantasy" - love coral nails First of all, whoever wrote the above caption is an idiot. This is not Flip Flop Fantasy Even if it were, Flip Flop Fantasy is not a coral. This isn't a coral anyway.